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    Triconex Process safety solutions

    In excess of 13,000 installed systems used today. More than 600 million hours without failure on demand.

  • Triconex - #1 Safety System

    For 30 years, Triconex safety and critical control platforms have been helping organizations manage risk and hazards and avoid unscheduled asset downtime and maximize process up-time.

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  • RasGas Pumps Up Production

    World’s longest safety system peer-to-peer network allows the onshore LNG system to shut-down the remote offshore wellheads from a distance of 130 km. “By working with Schneider Electric, RasGas is setting the pace for the LNG industry globally, supplying more efficient and more environmentally friendly energy for export to the world.”

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  • Dramatic gains in productivity by modernizing control and safety systems

    • After modernizing the control and safety systems, productivity in the plant has increased almost 25% without having to add personne
    • The wireless system enables operators to better monitor and manage the safety of the plant, whether they are in the control room or out in the field

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    Aging plants and obsolescence of control and safety systems New technologies adding new challenges, such as cyber attacks Pressure for optimization and maintaining position in the market place Minimize downtime, ensure continuous operation Improving systems reliability Meeting enforced regulatory requirements Shortening the time to experience of new personnel
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    Triconex process safety solutions and services

    Ongoing innovations in functional safety technology, software applications, and Process Safety Management solutions continue to keep clients safe and sound.


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