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    Power Protection and Control

    Power Protection and Control

    • Listen to this Electrical Contractor's Retrofit Experience

      As a contractor saving money, time and space is important. Hear how a real-life project manager did just that with Square D™ Integrated Equipment. Pre-wired and factory assembled in one enclosure, installation takes hours instead of days. The modular design with flexible configurations saves up to 40% in wall space.

    • Got Harmonics? Get a solution with AccuSine+ Active Filters

      Power quality issues cause problems including equipment damage and reduced reliability, increased operating expenses, and expensive downtime and lost productivity. AccuSine™ PCS+/PFV+ active harmonic filters provide a simple and effective way to mitigate harmonics and reduce voltage fluctuations. Email powersolutions@schneider-electric.com.

    • See Dan the Man prescribe the right solution for a healthcare facility

      See how Dan the Man helps a healthcare facility maximize their patient care space and keep critical medical equipment running smoothly. Innovative, efficient, and reliable, Square D by Schneider Electric products help protect mission critical healthcare facilities and improve margin. Email powersolutions@schneider-electric.com

    • See Dan the Man save the day from power quality issues

      See how Dan the Man fixes flickering lights, and cash register glitches at his favorite Amusement Park. One call to Square D by Schneider Electric allows him to choose the right product to regulate voltage and reduce current inrush, making it a great day for everyone. Email powersolutions@schneider-electric.com

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      Power Protection and Control Solutions