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    Controls & Monitoring

    Schneider Electric's PowerLogic™ Microgrid Control System provides state-of-the-art control and monitoring.

PowerLogic Microgrid Control System by Schneider Electric Enables Optimal Control and Monitoring

Our PowerLogic™ Microgrid Control System is built from the same standard, rugged, and reliable hardware platform used in thousands of critical applications in the industrial automation and process industries. A modular architecture provides an optimized solution today and can be easily expanded to control additional equipment in the future. Its flexible I/O and communications architecture easily adapts to a wide range of distributed energy resources and microgrid equipment.

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Why you want PowerLogic Microgrid Control System

  • Default Alternative Text Pre-wired, pre-tested, and ready to install to speed installation and reduce site labor.
  • Default Alternative Text Ethernet I/O architecture eliminates the limitations of proprietary network topologies, while providing a high level of performance.
  • Default Alternative Text Dual ports provide communications and cable redundancy for high reliability operation.
  • Default Alternative Text Compatible with standard network infrastructure devices, tools, and network analyzers to simplify maintenance and training.
  • Default Alternative Text Microgrid software applications built using non-proprietary standard tool sets, easily modified and maintained.