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    Microgrid Benefits

    What a Microgrid Does for You

    The introduction of microgrids is shifting control of our electricity system to the end user.

Microgrids . . . Delivering Efficiency, Resiliency, and Sustainability

Large energy users – from cities and colleges to manufacturing and military operations – have different needs. Some require a resilient energy system to protect their communities during an emergency, while others need to optimize their energy to drive business growth or protect critical operations, and all want greener energy sources. Whatever the reasons, customizable microgrid solutions deliver optimal performance to meet a range of critical business needs.


What is Your Schneider Electric Advanced Microgrid Solution?

We have installed over 300 Control and Microgrid Solutions for a range of customers, including colleges, municipalities, military bases and industrial facilities, among others. Most of these facilities have single owner with several buildings grouped together in a campus setting. Their generation source is nearby and typically ranges in size from 500kW to 50MW.
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