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    Weather for Aviation

    Lightning storm, energy efficiency, electric power distribution.
    Lightning can halt ramp operations. Snow and ice must be cleared to prevent dangerous runway conditions. Flight hazards, such as turbulence, can significantly impact passenger safety and comfort. From departure to arrival, and all points in between — accurate weather insight is critical to keeping your passengers and crews safe.
    Winter travel delay: de-icing an airplane during a blizzard / snowstorm

    Our Aviation Solutions

    Industry-leading weather forecasts, alerts, and sensors for aviation.

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Default Alternative Text Better Protect People Schneider Electric’s weather decision support solutions help you proactively plan for and respond to dangerous weather – ensuring greater safety.
    • Default Alternative Text Reduce Operating Costs Efficiently manage weather events with our accurate, industry-leading forecasts.


    • Blue Schneider One icon The industry’s independently-rated #1 forecasts for the last eight consecutive years.
    • Blue lightning icon We offer patented flight hazard forecasts for turbulence, thunderstorms and lightning.
    • Blue partner icon We are the only vendor to provide online consultations with professional meteorologists, 24/7.
    • Default Alternative Text In the U.S., our forecasts are relied on by 50% of the nation’s busiest airports.
    • Blue earth icon Our forecasts are available globally – with weather monitoring for more than 21,000 locations worldwide.