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      Weather Observations

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      Weather is responsible for up to 76 percent of air traffic delays.  To better manage this significant challenge, air traffic management organizations worldwide need reliable, secure, and scalable weather observation systems.
      • Solutions

        At Schneider Electric, we’ve reinvested in our software-based MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) platform to help you best manage your AWOS weather observation system with the latest technology.
      • Value Proposition

        • Instantly gather reliable, consistent weather data to support decisions that minimize flight delays and accidents.
        • Customize and automate functions to your operations, allowing your staff to focus more on other vital tasks.
        • Better meet future challenges with a solution designed to grow, providing flexible architecture, independent components, and web delivery.
      • Differentiation

        • Open and modular architecture allows you to deploy only necessary functions – from the simplest AWOS up to a nationwide network of CAT III AWOS.
        • Provides a complete set of calculations, quality checks, and algorithms that can be mixed in any way to produce the data you need.
        • Allows you to design the human/machine interface to meet your specific requirements. Configuration information is stored, allowing it to be customized and upgraded on demand during the system’s life cycle.
        • Meets stringent industry requirements and fully complies with all relevant international standards – ensuring efficient integration with other air traffic management systems.


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        Improve data management and display from AWOS
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        Get the flexibility you want with sensor independence
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        Customize the solution to meet specific local needs