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    Improve Financial Performance

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    Tighter budgets, shrinking resources, continually rising energy costs that contribute to more than half of a university's operating budget. There is always a need to find new ways to improve financial performance!
    • Solutions

      Through advanced technology solutions, integration expertise and process automation solutions, Schneider Electric reduces energy costs across your campus and improves inefficiencies that bring balance to your overall budget.
    • Value Proposition

      • Uncover energy waste through energy management solutions that provide data-driven decisions and lower costly energy expenditures.
      • Improve operational efficiencies and streamline data sharing by obtaining accurate, real-time data across your entire campus for faster, more informed decisions.
      • Utilize innovative tools that lower operating costs and improve total cost of ownership of facilities.
    • Differentiation

      • Single solution provider with applied expertise at all levels of planning, building and operating campus facilities.
      • Option to utilize guaranteed energy savings to fund major capital improvement projects.
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    Higher Education Solutions

    Monitor, control, and reduce energy and maintenance costs across your campus facilities reinvesting savings back into the university to fund future key projects, and proving the return on your facilities investments.