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    EcoStruxure™ for Mining: Mine & Pit

    Utilize valuable haul trucks to their maximum efficiency with connected Fuel Management and Truck Maintenance Operations solutions from Schneider Electric.

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    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centers, industry and grid.

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    Fuel Management System for Mining Operations is an engineered solution that provides a comprehensive picture of fuel usage across the entire operation.

    > Measure, track, identify and allocate fuel usage for better accountability by vehicle type, fuel type and cost center.


    Our solution gives you real-time visibility of your fuel status. It empowers you to capture savings opportunities and identify potential losses or fraudulent activities.

    > Get a complete picture of deliveries by asset and fuel type
    > Customize reports and trends for decision making


    Our integrated solution enhances truck maintenance, parts management, facility integration and security management.

    > Integrated building and facilities management platforms
    > Mobile workforce and decision support system


    Improve workflow efficiency and task management.
    Combine independent platforms into an integrated automation and data collection system.

    > Enhance visibility of water, lubricant, gas, compressed air and energy consumption
    > Achieve centralized facility monitoring for security, safety and site management

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