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    Increasing the performance, efficiency and reliability throughout the life cycle of your facility

    Building Life Cycle Field Services

    • 2016 Maintenance Practices Study Rise of IoT is Prompting Facility Pros to Invest in Analytics

      Many facility managers are adapting their building maintenance strategies and maintenance policies within the next year. Read about how IoT is prompting them to invest in analytics.

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    • Your Building's Future Starts Today

      Our Building Management Services encompass a wide range of industry-leading onsite and remote connected services to increase building performance, efficiency and reliability. Bring your building into the future with a trusted advisor today.

    • Building Services

      Learn about our building services to help you increase the performance, efficiency and reliability throughout the life cycle of your facility.

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      In these times of tighter budgets, aging infrastructures and higher energy costs, you need to move beyond traditional thinking for your building operations. Break free from reactive maintenance programs that are based upon repairing equipment only when it fails and result in much higher and more unpredictable operational costs.
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      Our Building Field Services Solutions

      We provide technical field services that cover operation, maintenance, replace or upgrade of major building systems. Combining product knowledge, networking integration, software and local expertise, we deliver solutions designed to support you throughout the life cycle of your building.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Services icon Fast Response Times Rapid response times ensure equipment is back up and operational as quickly and efficiently as possible. And with our inclusive service plan packages, you can take the guesswork out of maintenance budgeting. Get timely service, readily available factory-certified replacement parts, and skilled technicians that can help to ensure the quality and reliability of your equipment.
      • Default Alternative Text Life Cycle Solutions Our comprehensive Field Services cover the life cycle of your building.

      Put our experience to work for you.

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