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    Strategic Sourcing

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Energy savings hide in the places you don’t look.

Many of your sites are in regulated markets where there are no third-party suppliers and no competition. Instead, you have one option to meet your energy needs – the local utility – where your rate isn’t necessarily negotiable. You’re eager to control operating costs, but you’re not exactly sure where to look or even what you’re looking for.

  • Solutions

    Our energy experts continuously monitor energy supply market drivers – regulations, economic data, historical performance and regional supply and demand – to identify savings opportunities on our clients’ behalf. As market dynamics change, our Special Market Updates help you balance energy savings opportunities with any associated risks. When the time is right, we negotiate your supply contracts with unique leverage that results from managing thousands of sites and billions in combined energy spend.
  • Value Proposition

    • Focusing on market timingto capture attractive pricing in the market
    • Facilitating a robust procurement process, leveraging considerable buying power in the market
    • Achieving savings through market timing, negotiating price and advantageous contract terms for clients
  • Differentiation

    • Best-in-class modeling of commodity markets using in-depth market intelligence
    • Virtual aggregation creates substantial buying leverage
    • Unparalleled procurement capabilities in markets around the globe
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Extracting every ounce of value from all of your sourcing options is a difficult task. Often, the commodity buying transaction is the end of the process, but real energy savings begin early on at the planning stage. From there, your energy management strategy sets the stage for cost savings and cost certainty that can extend well beyond your sourcing activity. From regulated charges to utility rebates to energy invoice reconciliation and more, savings opportunities are simply waiting to be uncovered.


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    Receive customized recommendations based on your strategy, risk tolerance
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    Review Special Market Updates that outline buying opportunities
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    StruxureWare Resource Advisor
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    Access the most advantageous contract through our competitive RFP process
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    Minimize your credit requirements with our credit negotiation services
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    Relax as we negotiate a contract that protects and insulates you, not the supplier