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    Driving budget accuracy with reliable data and market intelligence

    Energy Budget Development

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    Arriving at your energy budget intentionally, not accidentally.
    Regardless of the unpredictability of your energy cost drivers, you are responsible for your annual energy budget. You want greater visibility into the factors that determine all your energy costs so you can take an active role in setting the annual budget you’re responsible for and you want a budget that isn’t based on an arbitrary incremental change.
    • Solutions

      With our guidance, your company can more accurately predict and prepare for specific facility costs with an energy budget we build from the account level up. We examine past and present consumption variables and contract positions along with expected regulated charges and taxes to determine how these factors will affect your future energy costs in the short and long term. We then combine all these influencers with our own market intelligence to customize an enterprise-wide energy budget you can rely on.
    • Value Proposition

      • Identifying and interpreting external market drivers that impact your energy costs
      • Examining internal factors – historical and projected energy consumption, existing contracts and fixed market positions – to inform the budgeting process
      • Applying market intelligence and regulatory expertise to produce sound forecasts
    • Differentiation

      • Budgets begins at the account level, are then aggregated into a corporate-level budget
      • Our proprietary modeling details your company’s exposure to energy market volatility
      • Proactive budget projections updates according to your needs
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    The budget development process is designed to leave no stone unturned as our energy experts assess each of the internal and external inputs that affect your energy costs. Additional opportunities for both cost savings and cost avoidance frequently arise out of that same process including those listed. In addition to identifying the cost inputs, data management options including our proprietary software platform can be beneficial in enhancing the accuracy and accessibility of client energy and resource data.


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      Relax knowing your budget has been methodically developed with rigor
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      Define the frequency of your budget revisions
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      Provide multiple stakeholders convenient access to your budget/s online in Resource Advisor