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      Renewable Energy Solutions

      The next generation of energy

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      A good clean investment.

      With the spiraling cost of energy and pressures to seek alternative fuel sources, we’ve seen a significant boost in renewable energy as companies continue to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. There is a common misconception that renewable energy means increased costs. Investing in sustainable energy sources can, in fact, increase efficiencies and lower business costs
      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric helps you capitalize on emerging renewable markets by first addressing feasibility, cost, and corporate messaging objectives. Once you've established your objectives and determined the practicality of an investment, we’ll lead you through the implementation of the projects that make the most sense for your company.
      • Value Proposition

        • Reduce your companies carbon footprint 
        • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your customers and stakeholders 
        • Various Government incentives and schemes available 
        • Renewable energy is a good investment for anyone focused on reducing energy costs & making a long term investment
      • Differentiation

        Schneider Electric leads the way when it comes to energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation and data centers/networks. We’re committed to helping individuals and organizations use energy wisely by leveraging our expertise and experience across a multitude of sectors. From the initial feasibility study through to project execution and sustainability – each step of the way, we focus on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. Our global knowledge and expertise helps you investigate, understand and profit from the next generation of energy. Solar, wind, biomass and other renewable sources are clean fuels that offer alternatives to fossil fuel generation.
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      Schneider Electric’s global presence and expertise equips us to meet the growing demands from businesses and organizations to meet your energy resource needs. In connection with your business goals, our renewable energy consultancy service can achieve cost savings, energy efficiency, carbon reductions, revenue generations and risk mitigation.