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    Cloud-based energy management and demand response for utilities.

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    Today’s tightly-budgeted utilities are expected to do more with less, experiencing increased pressure to improve energy efficiency and achieve renewable portfolio standards.
    • Solutions

      Energy Profiler Online (EPO) is a cloud-based energy management and demand response system designed to connect you with your commercial and industrial customers.
    • Value Proposition

      With EPO you can:
      • Improve your customer engagement
      • Enhance your demand response programs
      • Empower your account management teams
    • Differentiation

      • Provides a single solution for customer engagement, energy efficiency, and demand response
      • Can be branded to your utility’s offer to further enhance value for your end users
      • Its enhanced interface provides an optimal mobile experience for your end users


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      Support load profiling by tracking patterns that help identify opportunities to modify energy use in near real time
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      Enhance reporting and analysis with new interactive charts that uncover areas to target energy reduction
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      Offer accurate billing estimation with scenario modeling that supports cost savings, capital investment decisions, and distributed energy resource projects