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    Smart Systems Software & Energy Services

    Learn the Smart Systems software and energy services for asset and energy management.

Knowledge Is Power

Smart Systems access vital data (463350637-900x500)

Information helps you make better decisions about the efficiency and performance of your building. Smart Systems gives you this information, and easily integrates with facility management solutions. There are several ways to access this vital data:

Embedded Web Pages

IFE and Power Meters
With the web browser on your PC, you can access circuit breaker status, energy monitoring and event notifications from your system. No additional software is required.

Energy Management Software (EMS)

Power SCADA Expert/Power Monitoring Expert
Smart Systems open protocol easily integrates into energy management and supervisory software systems, providing a complete view of energy use and equipment status in your facility.

Building Management Software (BMS)

StruxtureWare Building Operations with Power Manager
Integrate Smart Systems electrical data into your BMS software for a more complete building view. Understand and manage your total facility with a single platform.

So I Have Energy Data. Now What?

Whether you are a contractor managing a site remotely, or a facility manager keeping track of multiple locations, Smart Systems solutions include cloud-based options if there is no onsite energy management or supervisory system.

EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert
This cloud-based software solution provides visualization of your energy and breaker data for one or multiple locations. Easily accessible on a web browser or mobile device, you can now have important data at your fingertips anywhere at anytime. Get immediate alerts in the event of a breaker trip or equipment malfunction.

EcoStruxure™ Facility Advisor (formerly known as Facility Insights)
Take energy and asset management to the next level with actionable insights and recommendations from Schneider Electric experts. Analytic-based alerts help you to uncover inefficiencies and move towards predictive maintenance of assets.

Partner Managed Services

Learn more about cloud based services for small and medium buildings.

Partner Managed Services