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    La Hacienda Tortilleria Is Introduced to Smart Systems

    See what happens when a tortilleria learns they can have access to power system information.

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“All this time, we thought they were just big, gray boxes.”

That’s what Carlos Yepez, Operations Director at La Hacienda Tortilleria said of the Square D™ I-Line Panelboards hanging on the front wall of his family’s tortilla manufacturing facility…until Schneider Electric showed him how easy it is to get valuable data from them. With a quick installation of an I-Line Smart Cell into his existing panelboard, and with the addition of an app on Carlos’ mobile device, his equipment is now Smart Systems enabled.

Whether you have or plan to buy an I-Line panelboard, low voltage drawout switchgear, switchboards, or motor control centers, Smart Systems gives your electrical equipment the ability to communicate over Ethernet, delivering the information you need in real time.

With Smart Systems, your equipment can now provide power system data, helping you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and better manage your energy costs…all from a mobile device or computer, from anywhere in the world.

Who knew those big gray boxes could talk?

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    Carlos Yepez tells how Schneider Electric helped him get valuable data from his Square D™ I-Line panelboards, so that his equipment is now Smart Systems enabled.

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