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    UL67 Service Entrance Barriers

    With a few easy steps, ensure worker safety and comply with the new standards that go into effect January 1, 2017. Learn all about the standard and see how easy it is to upgrade your service entrance equipment.

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    The Square D Solution

    Easy installation over cables and lugs

    Square D offers compliant barrier solutions for Square D Schneider Electric brand load centers, panelboards, and CSEDs. The required barrier kits now come standard with every service entrance intended panel we manufacture, but can also be ordered separately for replacement, convertible main applications, or for upgrading a panel that was installed before the new requirement was put in place.

    Kits can be ordered from any Square D distributor. See our videos and downloads for more information.

    Easy to Install

    Through the design phase, we asked numerous contractors from various regions of the US to spend time with the new barriers prototypes. We wanted to gain valuable feedback on the proposed design for form, fit, ease of installation, and preferences. In most applications, the service entrance barriers install without the use of any tools, providing a simple and intuitive install that is fully capable of retrofit.
    • Simple and Easy Installing Square D Lug Barriers

      See how easy it is to install lug barriers…no tools required.