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      Ensuring electrical supply in one of the world’s harshest environments

      Facing the storm

      How SA Power Networks (SAPN) and ADMS keep electricity flowing to 1.5 million households in weather-battered South Australia.

    • Facing the storm South Australia Power Networks

      Schneider Electric partners with SA Power Networks to battle the most extreme environmental conditions


      • Customers in South Australia may experience a loss of power supply due to network outages – and remain without power until the faults are pinpointed and an alternative supply is provided. 

      • This affects residential buildings as well as critical facilities and major customers, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers, factories, airports, etc.

      • Finding a fault can take much longer in rural areas due to lack of SCADA coverage and long distances over a huge network area.

      • Faults on overhead power lines may even cause bushfires, so they must be localized, disconnected, and isolated as quickly as possible.

      • Another challenge is public safety, as a large proportion of South Australia’s network uses overhead conductors.

      Automation Solution - ADMS


      Reliability and Connectivity with EcoStruxure
         Apps, Analytics & Services : EcoStruxure™ ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)
         Edge Control: Decentralized feeder automation systems
         Connected Products: RM6 Medium voltage switchgear, MiCOM compact and modular substation and bay controller

      • Schneider Electric has provided SAPN with a complete solution including our industry-leading EcoStruxure™ ADMS, medium voltage switchgear and decentralized feeder automation systems.

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      These solutions allow the utility to benefit from:

      • Fault location, isolation and service restoration
      • Network monitoring
      • Load flow analysis
      • Real-time control and optimization
      • Operational planning
      • Training and simulation

      With the EcoStruxure™ ADMS and feeder automation functionality, SAPN now has far better monitoring and management of their vast network, and increased visibility of what is happening on the ground.