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      Sustainability Checks in at Hilton

      International hotelier finds Schneider Electric improves efficiency, experience and innovation at every level of its properties.

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      We drive innovation.

      And we do it at every level. Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.

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      • The Energy Concierge

        Schneider Electric offered Hilton innovative, energy-efficient solutions that delivered  lower costs and sustainable value to all aspects of hotel operations, from board rooms to guest rooms, and every level in between.


        • Energy is Hilton’s second largest operational cost, equivalent to 5% of revenue raised.

        • Resource efficiency matters – not only to Hilton management but also to eco-conscious travellers who judge a hotel by its environmental footprint as much as its amenities.

        • Hilton sought the expertise of an energy management specialist capable of supporting resource efficiency on multiple fronts. 



        Efficiency and Sustainability with EcoStruxure
           Apps, Analytics & Services : EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor (formerly known as Resource Advisor)
           Edge Control: EcoStruxure Building Management, Guest Room Management System, Property Management System
           Connected Products: Room Controllers

        • At the foundation of Hilton’s relationship with Schneider Electric is EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, a scalable, cloud-based software platform that makes real-time utility pricing and consumption data visible, comparable, and actionable across Hilton’s global portfolio of properties.

        • Managers can configure personal dashboards and generate customized reports for water, waste, gas, steam, and electricity use to analyze performance and benchmark facilities. 

        • At Hilton sites around the globe, management can deploy Schneider Electric solutions to optimize resource efficiency across each building’s combined assets and systems. 

        • Schneider Electric consultants provide data-driven support to Hilton, advising on procurement decisions and sustainability programs.

        • Hilton utilizes additional offers from Schneider Electric to achieve sustainability goals and enhance the guest experience, including building management and guest room management solutions.

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        • 2008 – beginning of partnership between Hilton Worldwide and Schneider Electric
        • Average 3% savings per year through energy procurement and cost avoidance, and significantly more savings through energy efficiency.
        • 14.5% energy savings since 2009.