Doctor and nurses having a meeting


Our aging population is straining our healthcare system as more patients seek care. Adjusting to healthcare reform is putting a burden on an already aging healthcare infrastructure. Building, operating, and maintaining a healthcare facility is a challenging and complex task.


  • Blue seat icon The number of people 60 years and older will double by 2050.
  • Blue Graph up icon It will cost the average hospital an additional $1M per year if our energy costs increase 25%, as expected, in the next 5 years.
  • Blue plug icon It costs the average hospital $1M per day for an unplanned power outage.
  • Blue control icon Hospitals, on average, lose 10%, or $52M, annually, of their hospital assets due to theft.
  • Blue money icon Hospital-acquired infections can cost hospitals up to $130,000 per incident.
  • Blue search icon Nurses spend at least 1 hour per shift searching for medical equipment.
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