Workers at electrical switching station


Today, electric utilities face some significant challenges - pressure for reducing carbon emissions, improving operational efficiency, prolonging the life of capital assets, maintaining system reliability, implementing physical & cyber security, and sponsoring customer programs for demand & energy management.

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Distribution icon Schneider Electric’s Smart Utility solutions are designed to help utilities manage growing demand and peak loads, integrate more green energy into the grid, and improve power quality and availability expectations from control center to customer.
  • Challenges Facing Electric Utilities

    Review of the challenges facing electric utilities in 2015.

  • Electric Utility Trends

    Overview of trends affecting electric utilities in 2015.

  • Microtrends Facing Electric Utilities

    Overview of the microtrends facing electric utilities.

  • Building a Smarter Grid in Boulder, Colorado

    When the citizens of Boulder, Colorado voted to explore the benefits of municipalizing their electric grid, city experts turned to Schneider Electric for help building a roadmap to the utility of the future.