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Harmony XB7 Illuminated Push Buttons

Ø 22mm-25 mm monolithic push buttons, switches, pilot lights

The 22mm Harmony XB7 push button range offers a complete line of illuminated push buttons, selector switches, key switches, pilot lights, and emergency stops designed to be simpler to use and easier to install than ever before.

Harmony XB7 Illuminated Push Buttons
  • Features

    Spring return push buttons, illuminated push buttons and pilot lights with LEDs, mushroom head emergency stop buttons with snap-action locking, selector switches, etc.


    • Monolithic design - easy to buy and quick to install by eliminating the need for components
    • Four terminals with two contacts - a more flexible solution for customers' wiring needs
    • Separate N.O. and N.C. contacts - increased wiring flexibility
    • Industrial use - IP65, NEMA 12
    • Compatibility - seamless integration with Harmony accessories and legend plates
    • International certifications - UL, CSA, CCC, GOST, and CE
    • Lighten up - Harmony XB7 illuminated push buttons and pilot lights use bright LEDs to increase visibility and safety and are available in six colors.
    • All-in-one product - Reduce inventory and eliminate the need for parts and pieces
    Harmony XB7 push button


    • Industry: machine manufacturers, chemical industry, paper mill
    • Service sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverage, car washes