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Modicon M580 PAC Controller

Built in Ethernet and the highest Level of Cyber Security


Modicon M580 PAC Controller
  • Features

    The M580 ePAC is a revolutionary controller which uses open Ethernet standards to enable a whole new level of process efficiency and flexibility, while providing the highest level of Cyber Security with its Achilles™ Level 2 certification, one of the highest Cyber Security certifications available.
    Modicon M580 ePAC has the capability to access and manage HART IO data using the X80 HART module.

    • Access consistent and accurate data for timely decisions
    • Reduce downtime with detailed insight into alarms and events
    • Rapidly diagnose and identify root causes of issues
    • Make informed decisions about plant operations and energy management
    • Achilles™ Level 2 Certified
    • Firmware integrity is checked at every startup
    • Firmware compiled and stored in memory, preventing its decompilation by any third party
    • Capability to disable all unused Ethernet services
    • Insures the system is 100% safe and has not been corrupted by any malware, spyware, or virus
    • Twice the data management speed
    • Timestamping less than one millisecond
    • Open Ethernet backbone
    Easy and flexible
    • Design your architecture without constraints
    • Modify your process and architecture without stopping the process
    • Diagnose remotely
    • Reduce application development costs
    • Secure investments

    How to Videos

    Upgrading Firmware of HART BMEAHI and BMEAHO IO modules on Modicon M580


    Adding HART IO Devices on M580 with Unity Pro


    Configuring IO Scanning on M580 in Unity Pro

    BMEP581020 Picture


    Medium process applications:
    • Water and Waste Water plant
    • Food and Beverage
    • MMM especially Cement
    • Hydro power
    • Infrastructure
    BMEP582040 Picture