Sepam series 40

Protection Relays for Demanding Applications

All protection functions with ZSI applications for motors and substation feeders and transformers in any distribution system

Sepam series 40
  • Features

    • Remote and Advanced displays available
    • Digital I/O: 0-10 Inputs/4-8 Outputs
    • Analog Outputs: 1 Output 
    • Two Modbus communication ports
    • 0-8 temperature sensor inputs
    • LPCT: low-power current transducer complying with standard IEC 60044-8
    • Removable memory cartridge with parameters and settings for quick commissioning after replacement
    • Built-in logic matrix and equation editor

    Contractual warranty
    Period : 2 years


    • Compact case provides standardized dimensions
    • Setting software with Boolean logic equation assistance allows for improved control scheme design
    • Built-in CT/VT and trip circuit supervision reduces design time
    • 16 s of fault recording, multiple captures, history of last 5 trip reports, and 200 time-tagged alarms provides for improved fault analysis and reduced restoration time
    • 16 RTD inputs allows for greater flexibility temperature measurement applications



    Standard protection applications
    • S40, S41, S42, S50, S51, S52, S53: substation incomer and feeder protection
    • T40, T42, T50, T52: transformer protection
    • M41: motor protection
    • G40: generator protection
    Built-in applications
    • Switchgear CB Control
    • Zone Selective Interlocking


    • Sepam with integrated advanced UMI
    • Sepam with remote advanced UMI
    • Sepam with basic UMI