MVP NQ Panelboards

240 Vac maximum Lighting and Appliance circuit protection

With 100-600A bus capacities, and optional fingersafe IP2X construction, NQ panelboards offer compact, flexible protection for 10-150 A, 240 Vac maximum circuits.

MVP NQ Panelboards
  • Features


    Standard Features:

    • UL Listed and CSA rated to 600 A at 240, 208Y/120, and 120/240 Vac
    • Fully rated to 65 kA SCCR - (Series rated to 200 kA)
    • 10 – 150 Amp QO plug-on, or QOB bolt-on, branch circuit breakers with VISI-TRIP® indication
    • NEMA Type 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X, 5, and 12 enclosures
    • Interiors are field convertible to top or bottom feed
    • Aluminum or Copper bus

    Optional Features:

    • Suitable for use as service equipment
    • Modular construction to accept field installable accessories and conversion kits:
      • sub-feed lugs, thru-feed lugs, and sub-feed breakers
      • main circuit breakers and kits up to 400A
      • 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads
      • Surge Protection Devices

      Factory installed options:

      • Fingersafe IP2X per IEC 60529 construction
      • Split bus
      • Compression Lugs
      • Lighting contactors
      • Phenolic nameplates
      • 600 A main breaker or main lug interior (NEMA 1, 3R, 5, 12 enclosure)

    How to Videos

    Mounting Characteristic of QOB3110VH, QOB3125VH and QOB3150VH Breakers


    Modular Construction Maximizes Availability

    • Broad range of solutions available from distributor stock to address electrical contractor’s need
    • “Semi-assembled” RTI kits, with easy to understand installation instructions, simplify adaptation to last minute, on site design changes
    • Rail and dead front extension kits provide space for future addition of ready-to-install kits (extensions of 6", 12" and 18" available)
    • Copper and aluminum, mechanical and crimp lugs
    • SurgeLoc Surge Protective Devices
    • Locks (most common brands)
    • Field installable main breaker accessories – shunt trip, alarm switch, and auxiliary contacts
    • Wide variety of QO and QOB breaker types, including:  AFI; CAFI; GFI; EPD; HID; and HM
    • QO and QOB accessories, including:  shunt trip; auxiliary contact; alarm switch; and handle padlock
    • Blank spaces come prepared to accept 1, 2, or 3 pole QO or QOB breakers (no straps to assemble)

    Factory Assembled Options Maximize Flexibility within Standard Lead Times

    • Fingersafe IP2X per IEC 60529 construction
    • Contactors
    • Equipment space
    • Split bus
    • Keyed interlocks
    • Increased side gutters 3", 6" and 12"
    • Power meters
    • Column Width Enclosures


    Lighting and Appliance Circuit Protection for:

    • Commercial Buildings
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Large Houses and Apartments
    • Dormitories and Hotels
    • Stadiums
    • Offices