Sepam series 10

Protection Relays for Basic Applications

Overcurrent and earth fault relay for basic protection of feeders and distribution transformers

Sepam series 10
  • Features

    • Three models 
    • Digital I/O: 0-4 Inputs/3-7 Outputs
    • 1 Modbus communication port
    • Lithium battery


    Contractual warranty
    Period : 2 years


    • Easy operation and good ergonomics
    • Fast set-up - installation, wiring, parameter setting directly on the relay without a PC
    • Safety of operating personnel - accessible parts made of insulating materials with no sharp edges
    • Environmentally friendly - RoHS compliant, low energy consumption, ISO 14001 certified, recyclable >85%.
    • Attractive, cost-effective, and easy to understand
    • Reduced maintenance costs - continuous self-tests to extend periods between maintenance.



    Standard protection applications 
    • Protection of secondary power distribution networks (MV/MV, MV/LV substations)
    • Protection of buildings with MV power supply (office buildings, shopping centres, industry, warehouses)
    • Series 10 N provides protection against earth fault.
    • Series 10 B provides protection against overloads, phase-to-phase faults and earth fault.
    • Series 10 A performs the same functions as the Sepam series 10 B, with digital inputs and additional relay outputs, one communication port and additional protection and monitoring functions