• Proficient Electrical Contractor Program

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  • Program Features & Benefits

    • QuoteFast

      Build your bill of materials (BOM) or access a customized distributor-generated BOM with easy selectors, specify each product, share your BOM with your distributor, download schematic/equipment layout drawings, and quick/direct access to product information.
    • OrderTrack

      Gives electrical contractors visibility to order tracking information enabling better on-site coordination, planning and project management.
    • ProductFind

      Find local suppliers, making last minute purchases quick and hassle-free.
    • ExpertAccess

      Access dedicated technical help whenever and wherever you need it.
    • QuoteFast: Building Digital Tools with Contractors

      QuoteFast, a new tool that makes getting a quote faster and easier than ever before. Watch this video to see what customers told us about what they wanted.

    • PROficient QuoteFast: Obsessed with Accuracy

      See why Jay Doberstein, Project Manager at Premier Electrical Corporation, is obsessed with accuracy.

    • Stay Online with PROficient QuoteFast

      Stay online with QuoteFast like Weston Short, Electrical Engineering Manager at Gaylor Electric.

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