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    Technology for a Safer Home

    Make Your Home Safer Than Ever

    Your home is a haven. Protect your home and your loved ones with smart safety solutions.

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Transform your home into a safer space

Making sure your electrical systems are up-to-date is a major factor to keep your home safe. To enjoy a safer environment and undisturbed power supply, it’s essential to perform regular electrical equipment upgrades. Gain peace of mind and improve the safety levels in your home with industry-leading technology from Schneider Electric.

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Learn the fundamentals of electrical protection and safety for your home

  • Are you protected against surge damage? Around 80% of surges come from inside the home

    See how comprehensive Square D™ Whole Home Surge Protection can help you protect your valuable appliances.

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    Principles of Home Protection

    • Default Alternative Text People Protection A faulty outlet or a power cord can lead to electrocution. Our circuit breakers detect leakage current and cut off the power in less than 15 milliseconds to prevent electrical shocks.
    • Default Alternative Text Equipment Protection Most electronic devices are sensitive to power disturbances. Our wide array of surge suppression and surge arrester equipment helps protect your devices against sags and surges.