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Why does the Altivar 28 drive trip on overcurrent fault during acceleration or deceleration? The motor pulls too much current and the motor cogs back and forth. ATV18 workks fine on this application.

Change the Uft parameter from n to L. If motor still pulls too much current then try Auto tune. When the drive performs the autotune, the drive recognizes the motor`s impedance. Once the autotune is completed, there is no way to get back to factory default motor values. Subsequent auto tunes updates the motor lookup information according to what drives sees at that particular time.

Certain motors can generate a little more current in regeneration. If an Autotune is not done and the Sensorless Flux Vector is off, then the current loop may not have the best parameters. When you try to stop the motor in a short amount of time, the current overshoots the current limit set point, causing the Overcurrent fault.

Extending the decel time gives the drive time to control the motor to prevent OCF (drive profile-L).

CTA-ID : 12215
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