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What is the Straight cable for a sensor with K suffix such as XS1M18MA230K<br /><br />12/21/06 Revised to correct P/N, add U20 info.

Connector is 3 pin female Micro connector (1/2``-20 thread). Due to a printing error, Catalog #9006CT0101 has incorrect part numbers in the sensor selection section. Correct part numbers are shown on page 530. On newer sensors, the K suffix has changed to U20.
XSZCK111Y = PVC jacket, 2 m length,
XSZCK112Y = PVC jacket, 5 m length,
XSZCK113Y = PVC jacket 10 m length,
XSCP1865L* = PUR (polyurethane) jacket *Replace with 2, 5, or 10 for length in meters.

CTA-ID : 675
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