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Does Square D offer longer cover screws for the QO and Homeline Load Centers for flush mount applications?

longer cover screws for QO or HOM Load Centers in flush mounting applicatons

Product Line:
QO and Homeline load centers sold and supported in the USA.

Indoor Flush mount applications 

When installing a load center flush mounted into a drywall application, occasionally longer trim screws are required.
The longest standard load center cover screw available is 3/4 inches long and Square D does not offer a longer cover screw.

The request for longer cover screws are typically when a load center box is recessed too far into the stud wall and the cover screws do not reach the box. This would require the box to be brought forward to the correct depth, so the cover screws will reach and allow the twistouts in the deadfront trim to fit around the breaker faces correctly.

Another requests for longer cover screws are typically needed where a second layer of drywall has been added to an existing wall. In this case, we suggest cutting the top layer of drywall around the load center box, to allow the cover to be installed at the original wall depth. This will allow our standard trim screws to properly secure the cover to the load center box so that the floating dead front trim of the cover will come in contact with the escutcheon areas of the installed circuit breakers. As for the rough edges of the second layer of drywall, trim them out with a frame of corner molding.

The Replacement cover screws are available by ordering part number 4020513002K. This is a bag of 10 cover screws, 3/4 inches long.

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