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Where can I check for the auxiliary wiring configuration for a GT500MV/MVX unit?

These instructions are intended for use by authorized service personnel who have training, knowledge, and experience in:
• Installing electrical equipment and PV power systems (up to 1000 V)
• Applying all applicable installation codes
• Analyzing and reducing the hazards involved in performing electrical work
• Selecting and using personal protective equipment

Verification of auxiliary wiring and configuration in troubleshooting and confirming the wiring

Applications that use a GT500MV/MVX

Product Line:
GT500MVX, GT500MV, GT500MV40C, GT500MV45C

TB6 is located on the left wall of the AC enclosure below the AC circuit breaker CB1.
See Figure below.

Location of TB6 Auxiliary block.

NOTE: In order to access the bottom compartment, the external AC disconnect must be Locked out and Tagged out.

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