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What is ClearSCADA Mobile?

ClearSCADA Mobile is a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android based devices and enables users to interact with the SCADA system remotely. ClearSCADA Mobile provides ability to monitor and control process variables, display historic data, and to monitor and respond to alarms and events.

ClearCADA Mobile does not allow to display mimics or have multiple historic points on a single trend.

The main components of ClearSCADA Mobile are:
  • Mobile Application

    • Can be downloaded from Apple Store for iOS based devices and from Google Play for Android based devices.
  • ClearSCADA Mobile Server

    • Installs separately from the ClearSCADA Server and database. To install it, launch ClearSCADA Installer and click "Install ClearSCADA Mobile".
    • Can be installed on a separate machine. Installing ClearSCADA Mobile Server on a third machine is recommended from redundant systems.
    • 2 ports to be specified during installation:
      • Default port 443 for connection between the Mobile Application and Mobile Server.
      • Default port 8008 for connection between Mobile Server and Mobile Companion.
    • Requires Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) feature to run. IIS will get installed and configured automatically during the installation of ClearSCADA Mobile Server if needed.
    • Licensed separately from ClearSCADA Server through the Mobile Configuration application.
  • ClearSCADA Mobile Companion

    • It is one of the components of ClearSCADA Server and must be installed on the same machine hosting ClearSCADA Server and the database.
    • Need to run the ClearSCADA Installer, click "Install ClearSCADA" and select Mobile Companion in the component tree to install.
    • Communicates with ClearSCADA Mobile Server on port 8008 by default.
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