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RSLZVA Socket Voltage different than the RSL1P Relay

Why is the socket voltage different than the relay voltage for the RSL Interface Relay?

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General Purpose Relays - GIC Product

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The RSL Relays are only made to a maximum voltage of 60Vdc.  Each socket rectifies the voltage being put on it to a specific DC voltage for the associated relay being used.  110Vac/Vdc and 240Vdc sockets convert the voltage to 60Vdc to be used with the 60Vdc relay.  The 48Vac/Vdc socket rectifies to 48Vdc to be used with the 48Vdc relay.  The 24Vac/Vdc socket rectifies to 24Vdc for the 34Vdc relay.  Finally the 12Vac/Vdc socket rectifies to 12Vdc for the 12Vdc relay.  This is for the input voltage only.  The SPDT output contact will not change the voltage at all.  In essence, the socket should be chosen based on the application input voltage and the relay should be chosen to match the socket.
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