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Can I convert a QO-PDF breaker to a QO-DF breaker?

An existing load center is a type that is designed for use with QO-DF breakers (with pigtail). Is there a way to add a pigtail wire to a QO-PDF breaker so that it will work in those types of panels? Can I add a pigtail wire to a QO-PDF plug-on neutral breaker and make it work in an older style load center?

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Circuit Breakers

QO-PDF breakers with plug-on neutral (no pigtail)

No, a QO-PDF breaker cannot be converted into a QO-DF breaker. While it may seem that simply adding a wire to the breaker load neutral terminal would be the same as the pigtail, it is not. This is due to the path of the neutral current through the breaker, and where the pigtail is connected internally in the breaker.

If an existing load center is not the type that allows use of the QO-PDF breaker, then you must use the QO-DF breakers that have a pigtail.
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