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Can you determine just by outside appearance whether a Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Safety Switch is E-series or F-series?

Is there an easy way to determine whether a stainless steel heavy duty safety switch is an E series or an F series, without opening the switch cover and looking at the label?

Product Line:
Safety Switches

Applies only to 30A through 200A, Fusible and Not Fusible,  Series E and Series F, Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Series E and Series F Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Safety Switches (30-200A) are different in construction, size, and appearance. If repair parts or accessories are required, you will need the exact series number, located on a label inside the switch (e.g. E1, F5). However if you don't need the exact series number, there is a simple way to visually determine whether the switch is E or F series:
-The E-Series has an extruded cover (has a bulge)
-The F-Series has a flat cover
As an example, see the below picture comparing the E and F series of an H361DS.

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