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ATV630: What can cause an EPF1 (External Fault or External Error) in an ATV630 Process Drive?

Drive is faulting on EPF1 (External Fault or External Error).

Product Line:
ATV630, Altivar Process, ATV660

Using Embedded Ethernet communication

Incorrect Ethernet settings

EPF1 indicates either a duplicate IP address or incorrect Ethernet settings.
Verify the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway to be sure they are entered correctly and are appropriate for the network.

Note: Some customers using V1.1 of the ATV630 Process drive have reported the Subnet and Gateway reversed when programming from the HMI.  Be sure the correct value is entered, regardless of the order it is displayed.  

EPF1 can also be caused by a digital input that is programmed as External fault.  Review digital input assignments to determine if this is the situation.
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