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How to monitor and replace the On Board battery of the Scadapack 300/500 E series devices?

To Monitor On Board Battery Status:
1. Use E-series configurator software.
2. Under General folder> Select Controller Status and monitor RAM Battery.

3. Or monitor Binary System Status point address 50207.

To replace the On board lithium battery in the Scadapack 300 series devices:
1.Back-up RTU configuration information, user-created applications, logs and other data to an external drive so it can be reloaded when the procedure is complete.
2.Remove power from the RTU.
3.Put on an anti-static wrist strap and verify that it is connected to ground.
4.Remove the RTU cover.
5.Keeping your cutting tool away from the circuit board, carefully cut the tie wrap on the side of the battery that is closest to the top edge of the board.
The figure below indicates where to cut the tie wrap.