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Video: How to set up an ION 7550/7650 as a Modbus Gateway over port 502

The user wants to set-up an ION7550/7650 as modbus gateway to allow a Modbus Master device to communicate using Ethernet through the gateway meter to downstream serial devices using TCP port 502. 

Product Line:
ION 7550/7650 and ION 7550 RTU

ION setup 3.0


A Modbus request is sent through Ethernet using Modbus TCP to the gateway meter over port 502. If this request is addressed with the slave ID of one of the downstream serial devices, the meter forwards the message to that device using Modbus RTU. When the downstream device responds, the gateway meter forwards the response back to the master. Modbus gateway supports an additional slave address of 255 (in addition to 0-247), which sends a packet to the gateway meter only. The figure shows a typical setup:

An alternative set-up would be to utilize the meter's Ethergate feature that allows hat lets you communicate to a meter and through a meter simultaneously over TCP port 7801/7802. It allows communication over ION and Modbus protocols making it more versatile that the modbus gateway feature. Please refer to the following document for more information :

The video tutorial below explains how to setup the Modbus Gateway feature using ION setup 3.0

Please note that the modbus gateway feature is available in Firmware Version V350 and above.

Please refer to FA212220 for information regarding setting up the Modbus Gateway functionality using the ION Setup Advanced configuration.
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