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Are QO-GFI and HOM-GFI Circuit Breakers available in the Plug On Neutral style (PON), in lieu of a wired neutral connection (pigtail)?

Product Line:
Applies to single-pole, plug-on, QO and HOM circuit breakers providing Class A Ground Fault Protection to be installed in load centers in the US.

Since QO-CAFI and HOM-CAFI circuit breakers are now available with either the standard wired neutral connection, or the plug-on neutral connection, are QO-GFI and HOM-GFI breakers also available with both types of neutral connection.

No, there is not a plug-on neutral version of the QO-GFI or HOM-GFI circuit breaker. The standard pigtail-version of the QO-GFI and HOM-GFI breaker can be used in plug-on neutral panels. Also, depending on the application, we do have a plug-on neutral version of a breaker that combines GFI and CAFI in one breaker. It is called the Dual-Function breaker (DF), and is available in 15A and 20A. Catalog numbers include:
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