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How to obtain a Certificate of Origin for Square D or Schneider Electric products.

Obtaining a Certificate of Origin for Square D products. This is sometimes referred to as Country of Origin.

Product Line:
Load centers, Combination Service Entrance Devices, QO Breaker Enclosures, QO and Homeline Branch Breakers, Service Pak Power Outlet Panels, Individual Meter sockets, Meter Pak and EZM Metering, General Duty, Heavy Duty and Double Throw Safety Switches and Circuit Breaker Enclosures(Q, H, J, L,M and P Frame breakers)

Certificate of Origin for Products sold and used in the United States and Canada.

Obtaining Certificate of Origin for submittals and Buy America Act.

To obtain a Certificate of Origin for the above mentioned Product Lines, do the following:
(1) Click the following address, which will take you to our website.
(2) On that page, click the link and complete the template
(3) Click the link to send us an email, making sure to attach your completed template. We will reply with the information.

If you are having issues, contact us at 
888-778-2733 with the exact catalog number(s) of the product.

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