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Is the ATV212 S-flex available with a Hand/Off/Auto switch?

Is the ATV212 S-flex available with a Hand/Off/Auto switch?

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Altivar 212 S-Flex, SFlex, S Flex

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Customer needs to be able to change the references from remote source to a local source.

The S-Flex drive package, is not available with a Hand/Off/Auto switch.  The drive does have a Local/Remote button on the face of the drive that will behave similar to a local-remote option. 

When the drive is in remote mode (LOC/REM button light is off), the drive will follow the programming of FNOD and CNOD.  
If you press the LOC/REM button (button light is on), the drive goes into local mode.  In Local, the run command and speed control are transferred to the keypad or display of the drive. 

Note: The run permissive setting on the R terminal needs to closed whether you are using the Local or Remote reference.  On S-Flex units with Bypass, the AFC/Off/Bypass selection switch cannot be in the Off Position.  If using the Freeze/Firestat contact with a Non-Bypass unit, this connection must be closed. 


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