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What would cause and INF on the ATS48?

What would cause the InF fault on the ATS48?

Product line:  
Altistart 48, ATS48

All models, all serial number

InF displayed on the unit. 

This fault appears if the control board cannot determine the soft starts power rating from the information stored in the EEPROM memory chip on the power board. 

Possible causes are:
- Poor internal connections on the control card.  Try remove the control card, check the plugs and pins.  Reseat the control card back in place.  

- The 24VDC is saturated.  Remove all connections to +24 terminal and then measure the voltage. 

- If another ATS48 unit is available, try swapping control boards to confirm if the issue stays with the board or the soft start. 

- Power rating not recognized.  Replace the Power board and/or Control board.
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