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How does an electrical interlock work on a safety switch?

Understand the function of an electrical interlock

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Safety Switch Accessories

Electrical Interlocks

Understand the funcion of an electrical interlock

An electrical interlock kit consists of an industrial snap switch mounted on an operating mechanism. The snap switch will contain either 1NO/1NC or 2NO/2NC sets of contacts, based on the catalog number of the electrical interlock kit. Kits ending in the numeral "1" will contain 1NO/1NC contacts and kits ending in the numeral "2" will contain 2NO/2NC sets of contacts. The kit is mounted to the internal operating mechanism of a safety switch. When the safety switch handled is operated from the OFF position to the ON position, the contacts change status: The NO contacts close and the NC contacts open. The kits can be used to be able to monitor the operating status (ON or OFF) from a remote location via control wiring, or be used to drop out a coil in a motor starter.
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