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Why is my 3 phase GT Stuck on PV Sleep?

It may be the PV V Start is set too high. The PV V Start stands for photovoltaic voltage start. This is defaulted at 440V, which means that the voltage of the panels have to be higher than 440V for the unit to start harvesting. Many times, when the panels are on locations where snows or it is over cast, the panel voltage never reaches this voltage, which causes the inverter to stay on PV sleep. There is a very simple way to fix this issue, all we have to do is lower the PV V Start trigger. To get to the PV V Start trigger setup all we have to do is:

1). Press Menu Button
2). Scroll to "PV V
 Start" on the screen of the unit
3). Press Enter Button
4). The unit will prompt a password request, type "5" "9" "4" followed by Enter Button
5). Set "PV V Start" to roughly 350V which should be a lowered enough value to bring the unit online
6). Press Menu Button until the home screen appears, it should display reconnect Count Down 300 sec

Once the countdown is done, the unit should come online and start harvesting given that the panel voltage is higher than 350V. If the unit does not wake up even after the PV V Start is lowered, and you can confirm that the PV Voltage is present and higher than PV V Start then check FAQ
 article FA222305.

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