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Where can the Impedances (%IZ) for common Ventilated Energy Efficient (EE Type) transformers be found?

Documentation and source information to find Impedances (%IZ) for common Ventilated Energy Efficient (EE Type) Transformers is often needed. 

Product Line:
LV Transformers
Applies to Square D/Schneider Electric Energy Efficient Ventilated Transformers.

Impedance of Transformers is information often required by specifications, and for calculations for Average Interrupting Current, Voltage Regulation, and other factors.

Technical Document 7400DB0702R07/09,  Energy Efficient Transformers Technical Data, contains Impedance (%IZ) information and more about Ventilated Energy Efficient (EE Type) Transformers.

Click PDF  "View" (in Green type)  under Additional download formats on the link below to view this document.
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