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ATV61 - The drive is showing PRF fault code.

What causes the drive to show a PRF fault code?

Product line:
Altivar ATV61

All models, all serial numbers


This fault is displayed when internal diagnostics determined that the drive has lost its ability to detect when power is removed from the PWR terminal.


Power Removal is a safety function and not a fault. It is never necessary to power cycled drive to restart the motor.

If power removal function is activated during a running state, drive switches  to PRA state, then it will be enough to cycle RUN order after deactivation of safety function.
If power removal function is activated without run order, drive switches  to nSt state then deactivation of safety function and run of the ru order,  to restart the motor.
However, there is a safety function fault PrF, which will  need a power cycled. This fault is due to damage on the drive
This fault need to repair the drive by replacement of control board and/or power board. But there is no link with the activation of the safety function
If the drive is return for repair with a Prf , recommend a CCP ( Customer Compliant Product)  analysis is performed.
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