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Can the Econoflex FLEX58 drive be replaced?

The FLEX58 drive used in the Econoflex has failed and needs to be replaced.

Product line:
Econoflex FLEX58

All models, all serial numbers

Attempting to maintain the Econoflex and change just the FLEX58 converter.

The FLEX58 is still a repairable product.  Recommend removing the FLEX58 from the Econoflex enclosure and sending it to our repair facility.
Another option is to replace the entire Econoflex with a comparable E-Flex (ATV61) or S-Flex (ATV212).

Approach this next option with caution:  Retrofit the ATV61 drive into the Econoflex.

The FLEX58 is an open chassis unit with the heatsink extending out the back of the enclosure.  The ATV61 is a panel mount unit.  Structural modifications to the enclosure will be required to mount the ATV61 with a flange kit.

The existing keypad is not compatible with the ATV61.  Cut a hole in the door to accept the remote mount kit, VW3A1102, and use the ATV61 keypad.  Add a cable, VW3A1104R10, to connect the keypad to the drive.
The ATV61 will need to be programmed to match the existing application.
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