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What is the voltage rating for the built-in auxiliary contacts and LADN__ or LAD8N__ auxiliary contact modules for the D-Line contactors?

What is the rating of the Tesys D auxiliary contacts

Product Line:
Tesys D contactors and accessories

Products sold and used in the United States
Determining what voltage can be place on the auxiliary contacts
Auxiliary contacts are rated A600 for AC voltages and P600 for DC voltages as shown below:

A600 is rated 10 amp maximum continuous carrying current with maximum make volt-amp rating of 7200 VA and maximum break volt-amp rating of 720 VA.

P600 is rated 5 amp maximum continuous carrying current with maximum make/break volt-amp rating of 138VA.

Maximum make and break current rating as listed below:

Volts Make Break
120 vac 60.0 6.0
240 vac 30.0 3.0
480 vac 15.0 1.5
600 vac 12.0 1.2

125 vdc 1.1 1.1
250 vdc 0.55 0.55
301-600 vdc 0.20 0.20

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