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What are the clearance requirements around the surfaces of Ventilated Transformers.

Vent openings on Ventilated Transformers require clearance from obstructions
Product Line:
LV Transformers
Applies to all Ventilated Transformers from SquareD/Schneider Electric
Energized Ventilated Transformers generate heat which must be carried away by airflow out of the vents on front and back of the enclosure
Clearances front/rear, sides and top:
The ventilation openings on Ventilated Transformers must have a minimum of 3" clearance from vertical surfaces such as walls, bulkheads and other equipment.
Non-flammable, non-heat-sensitive equipment can be placed directly in contact with the right and left sides.
It is not recommended to place heat sensitive equipment above the transformer and nothing should contact the top cover.
If one transformer is going to be placed above another, a minimum of 3' ( 36" ) should be maintained from the top surface of the lower transformer and the bottom surface of the upper transformer. 

CTA-ID : 2052857
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