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How do you store trims at a job site?

1. Store the trim in a dry location
2. Keep trim in the original carton
3. For smaller trim, MHC and NC catalog numbers, two side-by-side stacks, 16 pieces each (32 pieces total) per skid, OK to stack one skid on another (maximum 2 skids).
4. For larger trim, I-Line mono flat size, stack no more that 10 pieces on a skid laying flat, with nothing resting on top the load.
5. If the customer has access to wood slats, it is advisable to distribute the weight by inserting 3 or 4 slats in between the larger trim layers. Plywood sheets or strips of plywood would be excellent in this effort.
6. If the customer would prefer to store large trim on their sides, this is OK, so long as the initial trim is positioned vertical and properly supported from falling over. Any amount of angle may overtime allow the steel to bow.

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